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Techno Steel is a leading producer of high-quality steel framing for the real estate industry. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, we have been providing our clients with reliable and cost-effective steel solutions for their construction projects. Our state-of-the-art production facilities are equipped with the latest technologies and machinery to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality.


We design and engineer steel frames to exact standards that meet or exceed local building codes.  We offer an unbeatable combination of speed and high quality finish. LGS (Light Gauge Steel) frames are hurricane and earthquake proof. LGS is fire, insects and water proof guaranteeing a long life span to any construction. Light Gauge Steel Framed Structures (LGSF) is based on factory made galvanized light gauge steel components, designed as per Code requirements, produced by cold forming method and assembled as panels at site forming structural steel framework of a building of varying sizes of walls, floors and roof structures. The basic building elements of light gauge steel framing are cold formed sections which can be prefabricated on site using various methods of connection. The assembly is done using special types of screws, rivets and bolts.
Cold formed sections are widely used in construction including residential floors, industrial buildings, commercial buildings, hotels and are gaining greater acceptance in the residential sector. LGSF is already well established in residential construction in North America, Australia and Japan and is gaining ground in India.

Anti fire. Steel will not get set on fire.
Bugs resistant. Termites cannot cause damages to a steel structure.
Delivery time is faster than usual building materials.
Huge savings on home insurance
High wind resistance
Water resistant – G60-G90 galvanization
Best seismic performance amongst all building materials
High Construction Precision
Fully integrated computerized system with CNC machine provides very high accuracy up to 1 mm.
Structurally sound
High strength to weight ratio. Earthquake and high wind force generation is less due to light weight. Chance of progressive collapse are marginal due to highly ductile and load carrying nature of closely spaced studs/joists. Speed in Construction
Construction speed is very high. A typical four floors building can be constructed within one month. Saving in foundation
Structure being light, does not require heavy foundation.
Mobility – Structural element can be transported any place including hilly places to remote places easily and structure can be erected fast.
Environment friendly – Steel is recyclable. Nothing goes to waste
Steel used can be recycled when required.

TechnoSteel offers a Turnkey operation – fabrication, assembly and installation of all types of buildings




Single & Multi-Family

Restaurant Commercial

Office Building

Institutional Building

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Governmental Building

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Historically using cold form steel means that they are building a warehouse or a commercial building, but this is no longer the case. With Techno Steel, cold form steel buildings are disaster resilient, respect the architectural designs, faster and less risky to construct than ever. Our building materials and methodology allow for more flexibility in all aspects of your build, from aesthetics to scheduling.

Cold form steel brings strength and ruggedness to buildings as well, enforcing against all of the natural disasters they will face. Consider using a steel frame building for your next project if you need something that offers more flexibility, lower costs, environmental advantages, and easier planning.

Steel builds extremely high-quality buildings that won’t warp, degrade, rot, or attract pests over time. Galvanized S320GD+Z steel is used in construction.

  • Galvanized steel excels in harsh and marine environments.
  • Steel is a lighter, stronger building material than wood.
  • Steel is non-combustible
  • Steel is not impacted by temperature fluctuations.

Steel is currently cheaper than wood.  By using cold form steel you can reduce your construction budget. Steel framing is formed before arrival to the building site, lowering the amount of  construction time.

  • Precision CAD Plan for each project.
  • Steel is formed before getting to the site, meaning fewer on-site errors and setbacks.
  • There is less need for heavy equipment.

Our construction grade steel is reusable and recyclable, lessening your impact on global warming and climate change. Conventionally, 25% of building material in traditional construction is waste.  Steel framing reduces this number due to its pre-engineered and therefore exact nature.

  • 98% recyclable and /or reusable
  • No wood or contribution to deforestation
  • Reduces CO2 emission during construction
  • Less generation of solid waste
  • Decreases energy consumption

Unlike “pre-fabricated” buildings, steel framing construction can be designed to respect the vision of the architect and provide an aesthetic required.   Steel is stronger, requiring fewer load-bearing walls and posts within the building. Concept designers can create open floor plans and large gathering areas.

Buildings can look stately and have the architectural details that will match your imagination.

Techno Steel understands the complexities of building in challenging environments and are trusted by international aid organizations, governments and private clients alike. We have used technology to solve challenges and created a method that builds strong, beautiful, long-lasting structures ranging from schools, homes and churches to hospitals, warehouses and industrial facilities

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